Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Story of the Letter to Al Gore

Dear Mr. Gore,

I hope you have the time to take a look at these few paragraphs I put together. These, unlike many that you must have read, does not have to do with running for President of the United States of America. Allow me to explain.

The idea started when I was very young, during elementary school, and no, I will not be quoting you about the African and American coasts :-)

It was about equity and inequity, equilibrium or not. Holding a spoon on my finger my father thought me the concept of equilibrium. One must maintain almost equal weighs on both sides, no matter what the shape is on either end. Not only that, but that one’s brain must process the "spoon on your finger" information and maintain it there, it takes an effort that after mastered, it seems to disappear, it simply feels like holding a spoon.

This is what I am writing to you about, equilibrium. Today we have arms and legs of giants and eyes and ears of monsters. We can fly from the north to the south pole in less than twenty something hours, we can buy online a house in Madrid, we can watch Fox news, we can listen to classical music. It is all about choice. Here are a few examples on how this could be implemented, and please, add and modify for the better good.

These ideas are based on freedom of information. So as to make the system fare, our choice could/will be shown and represented by a number from 1 to 99, and it will be public, just like earning statements. This number will represent what percentage of the net revenue goes to charitable, environmental and many other causes that are by root fare and just. This "number" will be an intrinsic Must for the one creation that has almost the same legal rights and powers as a human being, the corporation. All companies know that no one would buy their product, any commodity and/or service, without showing how much they care for us, for them, for the world. Only then we are able to choose, with correct information.

How does it work? We all must pitch in and you seem to know people, so the more people you know, the more people will pitch in. Those tuned to the antenna I believe we all share, will know that change is imminent and the new way of working is together.

First we must show that there are people willing to change things, I feel that 7/7/07 was a start. Then we must support each other and there will be a chain reaction. We live in a world with eyes that can see all over, we are inside this global media and we know celebrities more than we know our neighbor. Then we must start from there. Most celebrities, most people with a good income, spend a big part of it in commodities that may or may not be created fairly. The most intense and clear example I have been able to think of are diamonds. The most precious, most expensive little thing ever created by mother earth is "harvested" in the poorest, least educated part of the world, Africa.

Democracies in Africa are corrupted, capitalism in this part of the world is not being applied properly, power is not on the hands of the people but on those above them. Corruption shows to us, with its day to day abuse, that it can only survive when there is inequity, if there are equal parts of power, corruption dissolves in thin air.

This also applies to violent behavior and it as an option for meeting common ground, or should I say better ground for me? One can physically stand up to do many things, two of them happen to be to dance and to fight. On one you talk, on the other one you yell.

These problems in Africa are clear proof that capitalism is lacking common sense, and those with the least of the system's profit see and suffer this every day. We can change this. Bono has some info too, right?

Sierra Leone had guerrillas taking over villages, killing and stealing so as to sell stones in the black market. Monetary interest with total absenteeism of moral values.

People have and will speak up, free trade diamonds are an idea being pushed by Martin Rapaport. He has already run into the wall of corrupted politics. He knows many others in this industry that are willing to go free trade on this precious commodity.

It will be the beacon of example. Artists, politicians, royalty, celebrities, people with common sense will back this idea up, most people are behind this idea, we just need to put it in motion and start balancing the spoon.

Nowadays we find ourselves immerse in a machine already in motion, a way in which we do business that has worked perfectly for those holding stocks. We have forgotten that most of us do not. This engine that is running, that has been running for about 150 years, needs to change. Cars are going hybrid and only as a start, this because of concerns in the market, our concern. This capitalist engine needs the same tuning. One cannot fix an engine, adapt it and make it work better, without having to stop the car, bring together bright minds on how to do this, and then simply do it. Well, this is why our goal is so difficult, so honorable, so worth it.

We have been living with a gas engine that we all know must run 24/7 so as to create the energy we all need. Either for cars, food, entertainment, we are all dependant on energy. It is up to us to choose how to make this engine run.

Interests created a long time ago, some people with monetary, social, political power, truly believe that we cannot change the way we do business because they will be out of it. This could not be further from the truth. No one would ever be jobless in an equal world. What would happen, and I believe this is the root of the problem, is that margins of profit will be spread more evenly and this monetary equality is what scares the greedy mind. Change is good, change is needed so as to balance the spoon, if we change the position of our finger ever so slightly, guided by what our brain and instinct tell us, we will always keep it on our finger. The world is the spoon, the finger is our intention to good, and the equilibrium is the result which will make us be able to sustain life on earth while still providing us with that precious energy.

Wars are also a matter of choice. Giving weapons to neighbors of those who we do not agree with us creates nothing but ill feelings. The outcome can never be honorable because the foundation is not.

The car, the capitalist engine that has been running on gas for 150 years is being driven by people who do not want to make the effort to make a pit stop, and the entire world is simply waiting for the car to stop. We are ready with technology and ideas to make this car run so much better and so much faster, but only if needed, and also for the better good. But the car is still on the track and they refuse to stop.

Equilibrium comes with choice, rarely by chance. It is plausible that it comes by chance, but not when in motion. We are moving, so we must stay stable.

There will always be only two choices, good or bad.

Economic profits can only be used for two things. If we do not use it for good, then there is only one choice left. This is how we have been ruled, we can change this.

How to apply this “numbers” idea is not simple. I have thought of a few examples that will help illustrate this point of view but of course we must all add and modify how freedom works for us all.

Allow me to illustrate. How to give companies/people a number from 1 to 99 based on what percentage they donate out of the net profits is an enormous question, to say the least. Having said that, technology may be on our side on this one. All of us in the so called developed countries already pay bills online, there are also programs like Windows Card Space where we enter our credit card information and it does some automatic financial functions for us. I truly believe that at this point in his life Bill Gates would definitively listen to what you may have to say. If not Microsoft, maybe Sony’s PS3 or Nintendo’s Wii.

To be able to vote, to pay bills, to pay taxes, to donate money online, in a world where information is truly free, ideals will always work.

Most laptops sold nowadays have this secret number/code that can be used so as to locate it if, after stolen, it is connected to the internet. Like a Lo-Jack for laptops. We can use this technology for greater good.

Robin Williams on his Live on Broadway show said that while we are in front of our computers for so many hours, "they" have us by the "motherboard". I believe he is right, I believe he believes he is right, I also believe he wants that to change, hence the joke. We are not alone.

Based on these kind of ideas we will be able to create a true "checks and balances" system. Freedom of information comes with freedom of trade and freedom of commodities.

Freedom of information gives power to the people, a true democratic system run via technology. All countries will be able to run at their best, being able to trade all things ever created. We all have a lot to learn from The Netherlands and the great European Union. This is the politics field, your field.

Freedom has always been an idea, it is applied nowadays and maintained to some extent. How about we fulfill that true idea? Our eyes and ears let us know that nowadays more than ever, true freedom is not for most.

Corporations will have the pulsing social request to show how much they care, what number between 1 and 99 they are. This will also give more power back to everyone. Democratic control over companies, simply by being able to choose while having correct information, this has never been implemented and now is the time.

This gives democratic moral values over corporations, the economic and financial system is perfect for giving true power over right and wrong in the work environment and its outcomes, they depend on us. There is no A without B, and vice versa. Yin and Yang.

Proper control can also come from donating to international charities, countries linked, helping one another, by opposite order. The richest will help the poorest and so on.

Groups of countries like Mercosur can decide to help as one, sometimes a single country cannot do much by itself, this is the basic principle.

The G8 needs no grouping, and by needs I mean "for the common good". We have all come to realize that they mainly unite to maintain their aristocracy among others, and this is what we all know, what we are all trying to change.

Food and money. When cooking, to make food for two different people but with the same basic element, you need to follow five steps.

1-Get two pieces of food.
2-Apply person's A taste to it.
3-Apply person's B taste to it.
4-A and B check that it tastes good for them and if needed adjust accordingly.

1-To get food one must work, go out and do something. Well, we must have health to even think about going out, no pun intended. To sustain someone's possibility to give, to sell, to donate, we must sustain the possibility to work. One then will choose if to or not. Also, society already has excellent professionals ready to assist in psychological to physiological ways, and let's not forget about alternative medicine. Some people in the US, not having enough money to pay for medical school, go to Cuba to work for free while being trained. I believe Michael Moore knows much more about this and he would answer your call. This is just an example. He has also reached many brains throughout the world who are interested in dealing with the way in which politics are made.

Adding John Stewart to the table as Press Secretary, talking to journalists of the world directly from the White House. That honesty towards all people, all countries, would truly defend us from the wrong perception the world has about how much Americans care about the world, about common good, which is what got us to this point, to this mess. ... maybe too much? :-) Well, at least I’ll post this letter on his forum.

So, we go out and make something into food, either literally or economically. We come back home and share it, with or without an exchange (money or a smile).

Now we must prepare the food to please us both, so let’s work.

2-A adds his own mixture of herbs and spices.

3-B adds her own mixture of spices and herbs.

4-They both agree on having a good product, so they go ahead and finalize them.

5-They now have two products that will be consumed willingly and keeping everybody's “taste” into it.

Organically, naturally, this system is perfect, but when we add to the equation the word "option", or "choice", the outcome can either be for good or for bad.

There is no need for unbalancing the scale, the exchange should be fare, greed comes in and feeds the system wrongly. If people have the option to CHOOSE RIGHT, if people have the certainty that those numbers between 1-99 really show how much they truly help us all, help the planet, then of course the wheel will start turning, the spoon will be balancing steady, no matter what shape or color on either side

Luckily almost equal weights, luckily in motion. If the weights were equal, there would be no balancing, there would be no choice. We do have a choice, we are moving, we live every day.

Now is when we all come in, you must choose if to apply this idea in your life, choose to apply it 1% of the time or 99% of the time. Do you know that number? And yourself? I have no clue who I am but I hope to know a little of who you are and have come to know. You can make people hear for good, pun intended. Speak up.

Edison and electricity started a revolution that has lasted for over a century. It was at Pearl Street, New York City, downtown.

The Twin Towers were the symbols that a few extremists of the world saw as the idea that needs to be re thought. They were at the World Trade Center, New York City, downtown.

The Daily Show is recorded in New York City. Good, right?

This glorious and wonderful city was first founded New Amsterdam. Now that Mr. Bloomberg says he is not affiliated to any party, could he let people choose if they want the name back? A name now given not by imposition but by popular demand. It could be a metaphor.

The NYSE is the heart of the financial world, the UN is the mind of the political world and we are literally using 50% or less of their true potential. We have the tools, we have the systems. I happen to have a few ideas, the more of us, the better.

I am not an United Statesian, I happen to live in Brooklyn, I Love Manhattan. I am a citizen of the world. Earth is crying for help, it has spoken through many of us already, we must simply get together.

These ideas have no name, these ideas have common sense. Common sense comes from more than one mind, it comes from yours and mine. Respect towards one another will come out of all ideas having no author. Respect towards ideas will come out of knowing that we have all been thinking about these same issues to some extent, and now that most of us share the will, we know we have a way. We must act.

My true best regards,
That guy :-)


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